Low Cost E-Newsletter with Mailchimp

Narrow Land knows what it’s like to start small with big ideas. With Mailchimp, you can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, and more — all from a single platform. Learn how to utilize the basic templates and tools provided by Mailchimp to communicate with your customers and build your audience.

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Low Cost E-Newsletter with Mailchimp

Narrow Land knows what it’s like to start small with big ideas. With Mailchimp, you can promote your business across email, social, landing pages, postcards, and more — all from a single platform. Learn how to utilize the basic templates and tools provided by Mailchimp to communicate with your customers and build your audience.

Mailchimp: A Powerful All-In-One Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

Mailchimp helps you manage and talk to your clients, customers, and other interested parties. The services strengths include healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis. Their free product is a great starting point for small businesses, offering all the standards that you need such as classic newsletters, autoresponders, A/B testing RSS to newsletter and recurring. Pricing and features scale as your business grows.


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Summary of Features

Free: Email limit: 10,000

All the multi-channel tools you need to build your business and grow your audience. Limited design/automation options. No email/chat/phone support.

Essentials: From $9.99 per month - Email limit: 500,000

Need this package for custom branding. Great for email-only senders who want around-the-clock support. Offers basic marketing tools like A/B Testing and Behavioral Targeting.

Standard: From $14.99 per month - Email limit: 1,200,000

Data-driven automation and optimization tools for businesses that want to grow faster. Premium support and a full suite of marketing and design options.

Premium: From $299 per month - Email limit: 3,000,000

Enterprise grade custom solutions for corporate clients regularly sending over 1,000,000 emails monthly.

Picking Your Plan

Higher tiers provided access to more advanced marketing and automation features. Consider the amount of users within your organization. Different plans come with different amounts of "seats" which equate to usernames.

In May 2019, Mailchimp adjusted monthly plans to come with a set amount of contact storage and email sends per pricing tier. If your total contact count or send count ever exceeds the limit of your plan, they won’t interrupt your service. Instead, you’ll see an additional charge on your monthly bill.

Mailchimp offers a 15% discount to nonprofits and charities. To request the discount, sign up for a free account, and contact the Billing team with your username and a link to your organization’s website.

You can switch to a new plan at any time by going to the Billing page in your account. Select the plan you’d like to switch to and immediately start using new features.

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Mailchimp Landing Page


Mailchimp uses a drag‑and‑drop builder to generate emails from scratch. Using pre‑designed templates makes creating relevant and engaging emails a quick, simple process. A subscription includes a content studio where you can store and manage all your images and files so you can always find what you need for your campaigns. All emails are saved under the campaigns tab and can be resent or copied for re-use.

Landing Pages

Mailchimp provides simple, fast launch landing page templates. You can even buy a domain right from your Mailchimp dashboard...or connect an existing domain.

You can publish unlimited landing pages for free, and the pages are mobile responsive. The pages can even be set up to automatically tag contacts based on their interests when they sign up, so you can keep your audience organized.

Mailchimp has pre-designed templates that utilize best practices for common needs like promoting a new business, accepting online payments, highlighting products, offering free downloads, or hosting a contest.

Mailchimp Digital Ads

Digital Ads

Mailchimp can be integrated into your business's website or social media accounts to recapture the attention of people who visited your site and bring them back at the right moment with retargeting ads. The service can help to enhance the accuracy of Google remarketing ads, or Facebook/Instagram retargeting ads. The algorithm Mailchimp uses is designed to use your existing contacts to find new people who are likely to be interested your brand or product.This service is part of the Standard package.

Social Media Posts

With Mailchimp, you can create, manage, and publish social posts that help you stand out from the crowd. Leverage stored design assets in the content studio so you can build your posts fast. Users with a Standard plan can schedule posts ahead of time. And it’s easy to pause, edit, and reschedule if your plans change. Mailchimp's reporting does a great job of keeping track of the different ways people are interacting with your Facebook and Instagram posts in a single report. You’ll get a clear breakdown of which social network is getting the biggest reach and the most impressions, so you can make strategic decisions for your future posts.

Mailchimp Postcards


Sometimes it's nice to say hi in real life with printed postcards. Mailchimp provides the ability to design postcards that fit your brand, and they'll print, stamp, and mail them to people around the world for as little as 75 cents a card.

Mailchimp can send postcards to new people with the help of the lookalike audience finder feature. Choose a segment of your existing contacts—like your VIPs, repeat customers, or contacts with a specific tag—and a location you’d like to focus your budget on. Then, they'll leverage the big data available via their subscriber network to find people who are most likely to engage with your brand, download your app, or buy your products.


Mailchimp Welcome Email

Welcome Emails

Set an email to automatically welcome or thank new subscribers and begin controlling their journey as a prospective client or customer. What information, products, or services are most relevant to the client or critical to introduce?

Abandoned Cart

69% of shoppers abandon their carts before checking out. Mailchimp gives you a way to bring them back. With an abandoned cart email series, you can see an average of 34 times more orders per recipient than with bulk email alone. Your Mailchimp account integrates with hundreds of e‑commerce apps and services, so you can sync your sales data with your list and make your marketing more relevant to your customers.

First Purchase

Thank new customers for buying your stuff, keep the conversation going, and turn them into lifelong fans. Automatically send a thank you email, ask for feedback, offer a survey, or provide customers with helpful information. You can also send new customers promo codes for a nice discount or product recommendations to inspire their next purchase.

Product Follow Up

After someone buys your product or service, send a follow‑up to get feedback or recommend other potential items of interest. Research shows that product follow-up emails get 5 times more orders than bulk emails.


Sounds cheesy...but it works. By adding a simple birthday field to subscriber forms, you can send a client/customer an automated message or promotion on their special day.

Product Retargeting

Mailchimp's product retargeting promotes new items or best sellers to subscribed contacts who browse your site without making a purchase. This tool uses cookies to track your subscriber's browser activity for up to one year (or until they clear their cookies).

Each time you send an email with links to your products, Mailchimp tracks the contacts who click through to your store. If they view one of the top 8 most recently added or best-selling products in your store and don't complete a purchase, it sends a product retargeting email that includes information about the last product they viewed on your site.

Once set up, product retargeting emails are always working in the background to help you make more sales. You can set retargeting rules to send a message to people who browsed your newest products or best sellers either 24, 48, or 72 hours later.

Mailchimp Product Retargeting


Shopify Development

Website / Pop Up / Embed

Depending on your site style and business goals, Mailchimp provides multiple options for setting up a subscribe form. They can be super simple, such as one field for email, or very detailed including entry fields for business name, birthday, etc. Sign up forms can be embedded directly into a web page, added as an attention-grabbing pop up, or you can direct the user off site to a dedicated subscribe page.


Take credit card payments directly from a Mailchimp landing page.

Mailchimp Integrations


WooCommerce is the leading Wordpress eCommerce plugin, used by over 80% of all Wordpress online shops. Mailchimp merges with WooCommerce to sync your customer and order data to automate tasks and send targeted campaigns.


Calendly’s integration with Mailchimp helps your organization combine Calendly scheduling with Mailchimp’s targeted email automation. After connecting Calendly to Mailchimp, Calendly automatically adds contacts with your tags to Mailchimp audiences based on rules you define. This helps you to create different combinations of audiences and tag rules based on the type of event booked.

Squarespace Development


Connect Square payments to Mailchimp in order to sell directly from your landing pages without an additional e-commerce store required.


Squarespace is one of the fastest growing CMS options on the market today. Like the platform itself, Mailchimp provides easy to use, code free integrations to assist with creating eye catching forms built to grab new subscribers.

There are literally hundreds of different integrations available to Mailchimp users, making it relatively simple to add Mailchimp to your existing technology stack. Search through them all at: mailchimp.com/integrations


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Basic Terms to Know:

  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscribe
  • Bounces
  • Successful deliveries
  • Top links clicked
  • Subscribers with most opens

Send Time Optimizations / Time Zones

Mailchimp pulls from their massive repository of customer data to determine when your customers are most likely to engage so you can send at just the right time. Messages can also be adjusted to send at different times to different parts of the world so that a potential client or customer receives the message at the correct time of day no matter where they are located.

Lookalike Audience Finder

Mailchimp's lookalike audience finder works with social ads and postcards to help you reach more people. We use your Marketing CRM data and our large audience network to find new people who are similar to your contacts.

A/B Testing

Mailchimp helps to take the guesswork out of creating campaigns people click on. A/B testing lets you try things out and pick a winner. You can test subject lines, content, from names, and send times, as well as how many people will receive your test emails. Then, create your test campaigns by editing the variables and then choose the metric that defines success, whether it’s clicks, opens, or revenue. Mailchimp will gather results of your test and once there’s a clear winner, it can automatically send out the winning campaign.

Dynamic Content

Save time when creating personalized emails by reducing the time and effort it takes to create multiple versions of messages for different contacts. Create more personalized emails without doing extra work. The Dynamic Content feature is used to tailor a single email to different contacts in your audience. Add this setting to a content block, and Mailchimp will show or hide it based on conditions you choose such as location, age, gender, or previous purchase habits.

Product Recommendations

Connect your store to Mailchimp and start recommending personalized, best‑selling, and new products to your customers. This feature is a great way to put your existing sales data to work by connecting Mailchimp to your online shop. When you connect your store, Mailchimp will automatically predict which products your customers are most likely to buy, so you can add them to your emails and drive more sales with less effort. You can also choose to showcase best sellers or highlight new arrivals.

Create a Website


As a Mailchimp customer, you get unlimited access to their easy-to-follow collection of topic and feature tutorials, including how-to articles in multiple languages. Make the most of Mailchimp with simple steps for success, from campaign creation to advanced customizations.

  1. 24/7 Chat and Email: Available to all paid subscribers.
  2. Knowledge Base: https://mailchimp.com/help/
  3. Marketing Glossary: https://mailchimp.com/marketing-glossary/
  4. Marketing Tips: https://mailchimp.com/resources/marketing-tips/

Best Practices

Mailchimp Content Best Practices

Content Tips

Focus your message

Some of the most effective emails have one clear message. If you have multiple messages to send, try breaking them up into a series of emails.

Be concise

Reduce the length of your email until you can simplify no more.

Create a hierarchy

Put the most important information first for people who are short on time.

Break it up

Use headings and bulleted lists to divide content into sections that are easy to understand. This helps scanners and skimmers.

Link out

If you have a lot of information to convey, link to a page on your website (or someone else's website) where subscribers can learn more.

Templates and Reuse

Start from scratch

Sometimes it's easiest to start from scratch. Select the basic template that best matches the layout you’d like to use, then use the drag and drop editor to add other content and apply colors and styles.

Save your template

Instead of starting over every time you send an email, create a template you can use and modify again and again.


Label it

Make sure the reader knows who the message is coming from by putting your logo or name at the top of the email.

Pick a palette

Choose just one or two colors for your emails. The fewer colors you use, the cleaner your design will look, which means the reader won’t be distracted from your message. Pick colors that your brand uses elsewhere.

Separate your header and footer

Add background colors to the header and footer to visually separate them from the body content.

Mailchimp Best Practices
Create a Website


Use your brand assets

Include your company's logo or mark at the top of the email, so people know where it's coming from.

Use photos

Make a statement with photography. If you’re using photos, try paring down the color in the surrounding design to make the images the central focus. You don't have to be a photographer in order to get professional quality photos. There are a number of stock photography websites to choose from, like Unsplash, Stocksy, New Old Stock, Can Stock Photos, Little Visuals.

Size your images

Make sure your images are sized correctly to avoid squishing or stretching. Include only the most essential images to keep the file size down.


Organize for quick reading

Most people spend less than 15 seconds reading marketing emails, so keep it short and sweet, prioritizing your content from top to bottom.

Make room

Use plenty of white space to give your content some breathing room and make your design more approachable.

Align your content

Centering can work if your content is minimal, like one large photo and just a few sentences. If you have more content, left align it to make it more legible. Always keep alignment consistent across the entire email to maintain harmony.

Define your sections

If your email features different types of content, clearly define sections by using dividers or borders.


Keep it legible

We recommend setting the body text size within the 14-16px range, with 14px text appropriate for longer emails and 16px best for short ones (two or three sentences).

Choose your fonts

Use a font that matches your message. The word "serif" refers to the small lines that extend from the end of letter strokes in some fonts. Some fonts have serifs, some don’t. Serif fonts tend to suggest sophistication, while sans serif fonts feel a little more casual. You can use a mix, but we recommend limiting your email to two fonts, three tops.

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Web Development Cape Cod

Calls to Action

Know your CTAs

CTAs (Calls to Action) link readers to external content or ask them to do something. You can link images, buttons, or text. Choose whichever suits your purpose, but don't include too many CTAs in one email or readers won't know what to click.

Be clear

Write short and clear CTAs that motivate people to act (for example: Buy Now or Sign Up). Tell your subscribers exactly what you want them to do, using active language.

Make it obvious

Size your CTAs by importance. The larger they are, the more important they'll feel to the reader. Make your links and buttons are obvious by using a different color or style, and position them so they stand out. Use white space around CTAs, and give them a prominent spot in your emails.

Set expectations

Tell readers exactly what they're getting into before they click the call to action. For buttons, you can use subcopy to provide context.

Our Mailchimp Essentials

How the staff at Narrow Land uses Mailchimp to get our clients started down the right path with their email marketing efforts.


Sign Up Forms:

Be sure to add a pop-up or embedded form to your website to collect subscribers.


Filter contacts that meet certain criteria so you can send them targeted messages.


All Campaigns:

Your one stop to manage emails, ads, social posts, and landing pages. This is a great place to start a new initiative by duplicating and leveraging a previous email template.


Know your audience! Track the performance of your marketing campaigns with real time analytics reports. Adapt to what you see here. We focus on Open Rate, Clicks, and Subscribers with most opens. And even though it hurts, make sure to check your unsubscribes and read user feedback if provided.


Welcome New Contacts:

You can quickly setup an automated email that goes out when someone signs up for your list. Or, create a full customer journey that will nurture contacts by setting up a full set of follow up emails based on how they interact with your brand. Don't let the opportunity to interact with a new subscriber promptly slip away, and make sure to put your best foot forward in the form of an eye catching, engaging welcome email.

Share Blog Posts:

If you're already creating content, double up the effectiveness of this effort and deliver the new updates directly to your audience's inbox.


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